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With a self-directed IRA (SDIRA), you get the freedom, the flexibility, and the choice of how to invest your hard-saved dollars.

Take your retirement to the next level. Expand and diversify your investment opportunity beyond the stock market and into a variety of assets— like mortgages, notes, real estate, and private placements. By diversifying your investments, you increase the chance of protecting and enhancing your retirement.

For over 24 years, IRA Resources, Inc. (IRAR) has provided self-directed account administration services for people looking for control over how they save for retirement, healthcare, and education expenses. We've helped our clients invest in non-traditional assets to expand and diversify their overall strategy. Investments include residential and commercial real estate, notes, IRA LLCs, and much more.

Many people are surprised to learn there's no list of approved investments for retirement plans. 

Here are some of the most common asset types that our clients invest in using retirement funds:

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Buying Real Estate with a self directed IRA