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Purchasing Investment Property with Your Self-Directed IRA

Direct Cash Purchase Strategy Guide 

This guide explains the process for purchasing investment property with all cash from your retirement account, using the cash you have available in your IRA. The included examples cover the process from beginning to end, as well as explain how we work with your real estate agent, attorney or other representatives when completing documents for the purchase. We aim to make the process as easy as possible. Get the detailed process explained by our experts in our free download!

Included in this guide is: 

  • Direct Purchase With Cash Walkthrough
    • Making an Offer (Earnest Money Deposit)
    • How to Fund Your Self-Directed IRA
  • Required Documentation
  • And more!

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Here is why IRA investors choose IRA Resources...

"About 3 years ago, I retired and my 401k moved to an IRA. My wife and I own rental property and it has been a good business for us. I heard that a self-directed IRA would be able to purchase real estate. I did some research and found several companies that would allow a self-directed IRA. Most of them had excessive fees, and they were not much help. IRA Resources was the company we chose. The fees were small, including no fee for monthly check deposits, which is very important to me. I funded the account and found a property. I had some challenges with the realtor, but none with IRA Resources. Nicole held my hand through the process and answered the questions I had.

I found them to be very helpful, and an inexpensive way to do a self-direct. I would highly recommend them."