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Self-Directed Retirement Accounts

Solo 401(k) Retirement Plan

For Solopreneurs with no employees. The annual fee includes the plan document, all transactions (buys, sells), unlimited online recordkeeping, IRS reporting, updates, and all premium features. (Original price $899)

$799 / yr

no additional fees

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Self-Directed IRAs

Roth IRA, Traditional IRA, SEP IRA, SIMPLE IRA

The annual account recordkeeping fee includes a cash account, unlimited assets, and unlimited transactions.

$299 / yr

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Unlock the Benefits of Self-Directed Retirement Accounts

Your real estate expertise holds the key to a lucrative path toward financial freedom.


Unlock the path to building retirement wealth by opening a self-directed retirement account to invest in real estate. Learn how to leverage this successful strategy to close more deals.


Differentiate yourself from your competitors and keep your top agents. Offer this incentive at no cost to you to assist them in securing their retirement while also closing more deals.


Give your members the power to create a prosperous retirement with a budget-friendly, user-friendly platform and investments they understand: REAL ESTATE. 

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All you need is your ID to get stated and open an account online. Make sure to have a credit card ready for payment. 


Fund the account with existing retirement funds. Transfer from your custodian to IRAR. No savings? Start with a contribution.


Once the funds are in your retirement account, you are ready to invest. From there, the process is not too different from a real estate purchase.

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Why haven't I heard of this before?

This subject demands a specialized understanding. Additionally, there is a lack of awareness, as most financial professionals and the stock market primarily focus on stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

Do I have to buy the property with all cash from the IRA?

While you can purchase properties outright, you do not need to have the full purchase amount in your self-directed IRA to buy property. You can use your IRA to get a non-recourse loan to buy investment properties or bring in another IRA or individual(s) to partner on the investment.

Can I put the rental properties I own in a self-directed IRA?

No. This transaction is strictly prohibited because you already own the properties. The tax benefits provided by retirement plans are designed to enhance your future retirement, not for personal gain.

Can I earn a commission on my own real estate IRA purchase?

No. You can represent yourself as the agent, but you cannot receive a commission for the transaction. That would be considered a prohibited transaction.

Do I have to pay taxes on the gains when I sell the property?

No. The proceeds from the sale go back to the IRA without being taxed. Depending on your type of IRA, you have you may have to pay taxes at retirement when you take distributions from the IRA. 

What if I don’t have enough cash to buy the property?

At the time of initial purchase, your IRA can partner with anyone, including a disqualified person. However, after the transaction is closed, your IRA cannot buy, sell, or transfer to any disqualified persons. Your IRA can also get a non-recourse loan.