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Don't Overpay For Your Self-Directed IRA 
Compare Self-Directed IRA Custodian Fees

Download the FREE TEMPLATE + BONUS! Real Estate IRA Fee Worksheet

If you're looking for a self-directed IRA, here's a template to compare IRA custodians. It'll help assess annual fees and quality of service for up to 3 companies, including IRAR Trust Company— now with a BONUS! Real Estate IRA Fee Worksheet to help you calculate your anticipated annual costs.

Using this template, call the providers you're considering and ask the questions listed to help compare based on the facts. Then write down the answers— that way you know you're making an informed decision.

A decision as important as choosing an IRA provider deserves ample research. 

Download the template and start using it today!  


Download [TEMPLATE]

Here is what our clients are saying about our fees and services...
I have had a self-directed IRA since 1984. I have gone from one company to the next and they have all been terrible.
You guys are amazing. Very pleased with the service and the fees. Would recommend IRA Resources to anyone.