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Welcome to our Client Center. Here you’ll find updates, timely tips, and answers to the most frequently asked questions that will help you with your self-directed account.

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Client Updates

Important Updates For  Year End 2023

Fair Market Value

Has the value of your assets been updated? Here is more information on what you need to submit.

Updating The Fair Market Value (FMV) Of Assets In An IRA

Annual Statements

Year End Statements and Tax Forms Are Available Online.

You can access statements and tax forms from your portal.  Login to download. If you have not established a profile, click here.

You MUST use the email address that you provided on your new account application. After logging in, navigate to "Files" tab on the sidebar.

Update Your Personal Information

Have you moved or changed your contact information? Please update us: Change of Address Form

Review Your Beneficiaries

If you don’t have this properly set-up (or worse, have the wrong person listed) your IRA could end up in probate or going to a different person than you planned. To add or change the beneficiaries for your account use this form: Beneficiary Designation

Updated Fee Schedule

We're making a few small changes that may or may not affect your account. 

The great news is that the current annual administration fee disclosed in 2017 remains the same. Be sure to check out our updated fee schedule to learn more! Download a copy for your records.

Check Before You Invest

Check Before You Invest is an investor education awareness campaign created by the Retirement Industry Trust Association, a trade association for self-directed IRA providers.

The purpose of this initiative is to promote investor awareness through educational materials and resources provided by state, federal, and private agencies. Here is a handy checklist.

Privacy Policy

How We Protect Your Privacy

At IRAR Trust, it is important to us that we maintain your trust and confidence when handling your personal information. Its security is our utmost priority. We protect this information by maintaining policies and procedures that safeguard your information. We train our employees in the proper handling of personal information. This notice applies only to non-public personal information.

Our Privacy Policy.

IRAR Trust recognizes that protecting the privacy of non-public personal information is of utmost importance.

To meet this goal, we strive to institute and maintain appropriate safeguards and standards as required by the Graham-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) for the administration, technical protection, and security of customer data. This policy establishes IRAR Trust’s privacy objectives and guidelines to ensure that recordkeeping activities regarding protecting consumer data are conducted in a controlled and successful manner. We value our client relationships and we want you to understand the protections we provide regarding your accounts with us.

Information We May Collect.

  • As Custodian for your account, we collect, retain, and use non-public personal information about you from the following sources in order to conduct business with you:
    Information we receive from you on applications or other forms;
  • Information about your transactions with us, or others;
  • Non-public personal information includes, but is not limited to: social security numbers, credit card information, information about account balances, and account history.

Information We May Share.

We do not sell or disclose any non-public information about you to anyone, except as permitted by law or as specifically authorized by you. We do not share non-public personal information with other providers without your prior authorization. Federal law allows us to share information with providers that process and service your accounts. All providers of services in connection with IRAR Trust have agreed to our confidentiality and security policies. If you decide to close your account(s) or become an inactive client, we will adhere to the privacy policies and practices as described in this notice.

Confidentiality and Security.

We restrict access to non-public personal information to those employees who need to know that information to provide products and services to you. We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural guidelines that comply with federal standards to guard your non-public personal information. IRAR Trust reserves the right to revise this notice and will notify you of any changes in advance.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve your retirement needs. We recognize the importance of protecting your non-
public information. We are committed to following the policies and safeguards as outlined and described in this notice.

Thank you for choosing IRAR Trust Company.

Download a copy of our Privacy Policy

How to Access Your 1099-R 

After logging in, navigate to the “Files” tab on the sidebar:

Files side bar

The portal should navigate to a new page. Once the page is open:

Click the date range drop down menu in the top right identified with a “1” on the image below and select “Last 12 Months”

After the date has been set, click the expand button for tax forms, identified on the image below with a “2”.

If a 1099R exists for your account for the current tax year, the file should appear on the page.



2024 Tax Filing and IRA Contribution Deadline 

The IRS tax filing deadline and the IRA contribution deadline is April 15.

Contribution amounts for 2023 can be found in link below.

2023 Tax filing Deadline and IRA Contribution Deadline

Year End Statements and Tax Forms Are Available Online 

You can access statements and tax forms from your portal.  Login to download.

If you have not established a profile, click here.

NOTE: You MUST use the email address that you provided on your new account application.

After logging in, navigate to "Files" tab on the sidebar.


Tax Form 5498: Download Instructions 

A 5498 is a tax form that identifies different transactions that happen within your IRA, such as a contribution, a rollover, or a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD). It also reports the Fair Market Value (FMV) of your account. IRAR submits this information to the IRS annually. The IRS uses this information to verify what was reported on your tax return as well as the FMV of your account to determine your RMD.


Instructions to Download Form 5498

1-  First go to our website top menu:

Click on “Sign In”

Enter Your Username and Password and the Click “Sign In” 

Once you are signed in you will be on your Dashboard Page. Your account number will be in the green box, top left. 

Accessing form 5498-min


2-  Expand the menu to see the taskbar  (left side.) Click on the 4th option down named “Files”.  This will bring you to the Files tab with your Tax Forms and Statements.


3- Click on the “Expand” button on the Tax Forms line. It is boxed in red for the example. There will be more than one if you have multiple accounts. 

Accessing form 5498-3-min


4- Enter date for report. Make sure to enter the date range accordingly.



5- Click on download, save, and print for your records.



General Information

Account Access 

First Time User

1- Got to  From the top menu click on “SIGN IN” indicated by the red box below. You will be redirected to our login page seen in step 2.


2- Create account login. Click on the New User button in the upper right corner of the login page indicated by the red box below.


3- Enter email address used to open your IRAR account.


4- Enter verification code. The  verification code will be emailed to the email addressed used to open your account.


Once the code has been entered, the option exists to trust your browse for future use. If you are using a personal computer and wish to bypass the requirement for a verification code to be emailed, please select this option.


If you have not received a code, wait 60 seconds and click “Resend Access Code” seen below.



Trouble Logging In?

1- Click on "Trouble Logging In?"


2-Enter email address used to open your IRAR account.


Once you enter your email and select continue, an automated e-mail with a hyperlink to reset your password will be sent to your email on file.

Paying IRA Bills 

All expenses related to the IRA need to be paid from the IRA. To pay bills due, please complete a Payment Authorization Letter (PAL).

If the bill is recurring, we highly recommend that you set up recurring payments. We will make the payment as soon as we receive the invoice, and you will not need to complete another form.

Please note that payment cannot be made if funds are not available in the account. If your payment is delayed, you may incur past due fees from the payee or vendor.


All account investments must be in the name of the IRA for the benefit of (FBO) your account and account number. For example: IRAR Trust FBO John Doe Acct#123456.

All payments to the IRA must also be made in the name of the IRA.


Read and Approved Signature 

All investment documents that require your signature must be signed by IRAR on behalf of your IRA. Please do not sign supporting documents, contracts, or agreements on the signature lines. Instead, mark the page as read and approved with your signature. See example below.

This is required for IRAR to process your transaction.

Read and Approved Example


Transaction Status 

Transactions that do not need correction are entered into the system 3-5 days from date of receipt. Your account portal is updated nightly, and you are able to see the posted transaction the day after it was entered.

Make sure that your email address is always up-to-date to receive transaction updates.

Changing Personal Information 

You can change your personal information, such as email, address, and phone number, using the Change of Address Form.

To change your last name on the account due to marriage or divorce, please complete the Change of Address Form and provide a copy of government-issued identification with proof of name change; for example: a marriage certificate or Social Security Card.

Closing Account 

We hate to see you go, but we understand that sometimes you need to change your investment strategy. To move funds or assets:

  • To another institution: Use their Transfer form.
  • To a personal (non-retirement) account: Use IRAR Distribution Form.

There is a full termination fee of $250 when you close your account.

Funds Availability 

Availability of funds in your account depends on how we received them.

If funds are sent to your account by wire or ACH, these are available the next business day from when they are received. If the funds are delivered by check, there is a 3-5 business day hold.

Please keep in mind that your online account updates nightly and you will see the posting to your account the day after the transaction is entered in the system.

Fees & FAQs

Why is the semi-annual billing fee a different amount from six months ago? 

The different amount may be because you completed a purchase, sale, or removal of an asset. The annual fee for an asset is $199 annually. Each additional asset after that is $75. The fee is billed semiannually.

Why don't my wife and I get invoices at the same time? 

If you did not open your accounts at the same time, you will have different billing dates. The open account date determines your billing cycle.

Why don't you send invoices for transaction fees? 

Fees are due at time of your requested transaction.

How do I pay my IRAR fees? 

To pay your IRAR account fees, use the payment portal. Please pay the amount due on your invoice. Use this payment portal to pay IRAR fees only.

Fair Market Value

Annual IRS Requirement 

The IRS requires an updated fair market value (FMV) of your retirement accounts on an annual basis. IRAR must report the FMV of all self-directed account(s) to the IRS, even if there was no change. For us to report this information correctly, you must complete an FMV form for each asset. We will send you a notification with a deadline of when the form must be submitted to IRAR.

Distribution of Assets in Kind 

If you’re distributing assets in kind without liquidating them first (for example: a property), you’ll need to submit an updated fair market valuation form for the asset that is being distributed, before we can process your request. We’ll also need the re-registration paperwork for the asset, showing the new ownership in your name. You can find step-by-step information on how to take an in-kind distribution on this blog.

Visit our FMV Forms page for additional information by asset type.