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Expand your financial services practice and set your clients up for retirement success with self-directed IRAs.

Build Wealth for You and Your Clients

As your clients’ trusted advisor, you need to provide solutions—and results. Self-directed IRAs build wealth for everyone. Your clients benefit from the potential to build wealth faster, with opportunities to invest in assets they understand and protect their retirement from the volatile stock market. You gain more opportunities for customizing retirement plans and growing your practice.

You also gain an advantage over your competition. By offering self-directed IRAs, you can provide a service that your competitors either aren’t offering or are offering with significantly higher fees that get in the way of building wealth.

Grow Wealth, Reduce Fees

We want you to be able to provide a cost-effective solution for your clients and we want your clients to build their retirement futures at affordable rates.

While most competitors charge based on asset value, IRAR has a flat annual fee per asset. That means your clients’ investments grow, not their annual fees. In fact, your clients stand to save more than 50 percent with us compared to our competitors.

Can a Self-Directed IRA Work for Your Clients’ Retirement Strategy?

Giving your clients more options for where to invest their money allows them to further diversify their retirement accounts. With self-directed IRAs, you can help your clients invest not only in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, but also alternative assets, including real estate, promissory notes, private placements, and more.

This gives you more options for helping your clients customize their retirement strategies while increasing the value of your services. You can help them employ additional strategies like taking out a non-recourse loan with an IRA or partnering with others to make larger real estate purchases. If your client already has an IRA, you can help them determine if it’s the right type for their goals and whether it makes sense to roll over or transfer funds into an SDIRA.

We Treat Your Clients like You Do

Beyond offering low fees, IRAR stays in regular communication with you so you can advise your clients. We process transactions faster than most competitors because we keep clients informed of transaction status every step of the way.

When you pick up the phone to call us, you’ll always reach an expert who can answer almost any question about self-directed IRA rules and processes. We know how to complement your financial services practice, making it easy and cost-effective for you and your clients.

Choosing the Right Self-Directed IRA Custodian

You don’t need to be an expert in self-directed IRAs, but you do have to work with a best-in-class service provider that will treat your clients like you do. Our team members each have nearly a decade of experience in self-directed IRAs and have worked with some of the most reputable firms in the financial space, as well as with the most reputable CPAs, financial advisors, attorneys, and RIAs.

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save over 50% on fees
Save Over 50% on Fees
Increase wealth without increasing fees. Our flat-rate pricing is per asset and not based on the value of your account.
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Power your success with easy access to up-to-date educational tools and services from Certified IRA Services Professionals.
Fast, Personalized Service
Servicing times can make or break an investment deal. Get immediate help from an expert anytime you call, email, or visit.

Grow Your Clients’ IRAs With Alternative Assets

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