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Download Real Estate IRA Rules and Frequently Asked Questions 

Buying real estate investments with retirement funds is increasingly common— and for a good reason!  The gains grow tax-free or tax-deferred within the IRA, that’s what makes them such a great way to build retirement wealth.
Download the Real Estate IRA Frequently Asked Questions and learn how to invest in Real Estate with your IRA— without fear of the IRS. Learn how savvy investors avoid the pitfalls, and supercharge their IRAs with investments they understand and control.

In this free SDIRA download:

  • How to fund your SDIRA purchase

  • IRS rules on prohibited transactions

  • Managing the property do's and don'ts

  • and much more!

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Real Estate IRA


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I have had a self-directed IRA since 1984. I have gone from one company to the next and they have all been terrible.  You guys are amazing. Very pleased with the service and the fees. Would recommend IRA Resources to anyone.