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Grow your business and raise private equity by allowing clients to invest with IRA funds.

Provide More Value to Clients by Introducing the Opportunity to Build Retirement Wealth

Whether you are offering a fund or you are a private placement representative, fund manager, private money lender, or capital provider, self-directed IRAs provide a huge opportunity to grow your business. That’s because SDIRAs allow individuals to use their retirement funds to invest in your offering.

In fact, you may already have clients in your database with retirement funds available to invest in your offering. By offering your clients self-directed IRAs, you’re differentiating your business from your competition, providing further value to your clients and giving them additional reasons to rely on you as their trusted partner.

A Cost-Effective Solution for Growing Wealth

Many competitors charge self-directed IRA fees based on asset value, but we believe in helping your clients build their retirement, not taking away from it. That’s why we charge a flat-rate annual fee per investment. When your clients’ wealth grows, their fees stay the same.

Tap into Trillions of Dollars of IRA Wealth

Your clients know your product. They’re familiar with your returns. They trust you. Why not provide an opportunity to build additional wealth? As long as you’re not offering a collectible or life insurance, your existing clients can use their IRA to invest in your offering. There are trillions of dollars sitting in IRA accounts, and many investors don’t realize they have the option to invest in alternative assets.

Self-directed IRAs can also lend money, instead of investing directly in your offering. We see a lot of investors doing this with real estate notes, and in private equity with notes that lend to startups. In this scenario, the IRA acts as the bank, extending funding and getting payments according to the agreement, without having to manage the investment directly.

You Don’t Need to Be an Expert in Self-Directed IRAs

That’s what we’re here for. Our team walks your clients step by step through the process and keeps you informed throughout the entire transaction. This level of transparency ensures that expectations from all parties are met. Transactions are completed quickly, and you receive funds in a timely manner.

When it’s time to pay dividends, IRAR makes it easy for you to send the funds to your clients’ IRA, saving you both time and money. Your client can reinvest their funds in a new offering or fund if they desire.

No Surprises, Just Best-in-Class Service

Holding the Certified IRA Services Professional designation, the IRAR team is made up of industry experts with a deep understanding of self-directed IRA rules and strategies that can help you bring value to your clients. In addition to some of the industry’s lowest fees, we answer the phone when you call.

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Save Over 50% on Fees
Save Over 50% on Fees
Increase wealth without increasing fees. Our flat annual fee is per asset and not based on the value of your account.
SDIRA Experts
Power your success with easy access to up-to-date educational tools and services from Certified IRA Services Professionals (CISP).
Fast, Personalized Service
Servicing times can make or break an investment deal. Get immediate help from an expert anytime you call, email, or visit.

Tap into Trillions of Dollars of IRA Wealth to Grow Your Business

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