$199 Self-Directed IRA Annual Fee

$899 Self-Directed Solo 401(k)

We help you save over 50% compared to most custodians.

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Our fees are unlike most self-directed IRA custodians. Instead of charging based on the value of your account, we have a per asset annual fee for our IRA. Why should you have to pay more as your account grows? 

For our Solo 401(k) Plan Document and Recordkeeping Platform, including all premium features, we offer a simple solution with a flat annual fee. We believe in making it easy for you.

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Self-Directed IRA

$ 199 / annual
Traditional, Roth, SEP, SIMPLE

Fee includes:

  • Cash account
  • One asset
  • Additional asset per year $75


  • See fee schedule below


Save 50%

Solo 401(k)

$ 899 / annual
(Entrepreneur with no employees)

Fee includes:

  • Plan document
  • Online recordkeeping platform
  • Unlimited assets (no transaction fees)



Form 5500-EZ
Annual Plan Document and Recordkeeping Platform
Transaction Fees (Purchase, Sale, etc.)
Plan Restatements and Online Preparation of IRS form 5500-EZ
All Solo 401(k) premium features are included with the plan document fee.
IRA FEES (Traditional, Roth, SEP, SIMPLE)
Transaction fees are charged upon submission of form. Your transaction will not be processed unless fee(s) are paid.
Minimum Recordkeeping Fee* (fee includes your cash account and one asset)
Additional Asset (per year)
The Annual Fee is billed semi-annually. Examples: An account with one asset: $99.50 semi-annually / An account with two assets: $137.00 semi-annually.
Account Establishment One-Time Fee
Partial Transfer Out*
$25 per transfer
Full Termination*
Purchase, Sale or Exchange of Non-Real Estate Asset (per asset)
Purchase, Sale, or Exchange of Real Estate Asset (includes earnest money and non-recourse loan if applicable)
ACH Transfers: Incoming or Outgoing
Wire Transfers: Incoming and Outgoing (per item)
Checks (includes all check requests)
Overnight Delivery via FedEx
Cashier’s or Other Official Bank Check
Special Services (e.g., research of closed assets or accounts, legal research, special handling of transaction)
$100 per hour
Returned Items of Any Kind and Stop Payments
$30 per item
Reprocessing of Incomplete Documents (5498 and 1099R)
$100 per item
Notary Service (per document)
Re-Registration of Assets: Outgoing* and In-Kind Distributions*
$100 per item
Conversion of Existing Assets
$50 per asset