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Take control of your retirement account. Opening a self-directed IRA (SDIRA) gives you more ways to invest and build your wealth.

Do More with a Self-Directed IRA than a Self-Managed IRA

With the self-managed IRAs you find at most financial institutions, you simply check a box to indicate the mix of stocks and mutual funds you want. With self-directed IRAs, you get to pick, buy, and sell the assets in your account.

You can also invest in assets that you can’t invest in with a self-managed IRA. This is especially beneficial if you already have expertise in a certain type of asset or market, such as real estate. And with IRAR, when your account grows, your fees don’t grow with it. That’s because unlike most self-directed IRA custodians who base fees on the value of your account, we charge fees per asset.

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How to Set up a Self-Directed IRA

First, the IRS requires you to have a custodian for protection and oversight. Custodians or trust companies like IRAR are regulated by state and federal law, regularly audited, and must meet other stringent qualifications. Other third-party providers, like administrators and promoters, are generally not custodians. Instead, they work with one to conduct business.

Once you choose a custodian, opening a self-directed IRA is simple. You can complete a new account application and fund your account with an existing IRA or old 401(k), or you can make regularly scheduled contributions. Once your account is funded, you can tell your IRA custodian what to invest in and your custodian will make the purchase.

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Reach Your Retirement Goals with a Self-Directed IRA

Self-directed IRAs offer three key benefits: diversification, investment control, and the same tax benefits as IRAs managed by a broker-dealer. Beyond stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, you can invest in non-traditional assets like real estate and private equity that give you added protection from a turbulent stock market.

You also decide whether you want IRAR to do the recordkeeping or if you want full bookkeeping control of your account via an LLC. Often referred to as checkbook control, establishing an LLC with IRA funds allows your LLC to make asset purchases. SDIRAs also allow you to employ other strategies, like taking out a non-recourse loan with your IRA or partnering with others to purchase real estate.

Unlock the Potential for Higher ROI

Why leave your money at the mercy of the market? With a self-directed IRA, you can invest in specific assets such as a private company. But you can also invest in other non-traditional assets, like real estate or an LLC, that have the potential for a higher rate of return.

Real estate professionals, for example, can use their expertise to invest in residential, commercial, and other properties. With their knowledge of the industry, they can invest in properties that stand to grow faster than the market.

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Self-Directed IRA Rules

Keep your retirement on the right side of IRS regulations. With this tax-enhanced environment comes added responsibility. There are three key rules to keep in mind:

  1. You cannot engage in a transaction with a disqualified person. 
  2. You cannot use the IRA to take personal benefit. 
  3. You cannot invest in disallowed investments.

As a self-directed investor you are responsible for making all the decisions for your self-directed IRA. This means that you are also responsible for making sure you do not break the rules. 

Choose the Self-Directed IRA Custodian Who Looks Out for You

Not all self-directed IRA custodians provide the same services. Specializing in real estate and private equity transactions in self-directed IRAs, our employees each have nearly a decade of industry experience and a passion for educating clients. That means we share what we know with you as soon as we know it, so you can always make the best investment decisions possible.

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