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How To Re-Register Your Real Estate IRA Assets

by Veronica Alvizar, Real Estate Associate on (March 31, 2019)

Need to move your real estate in-kind, without liquidating the property, to a new self directed IRA custodian? What many real estate IRA investors don’t know is that once your asset has moved to your new account, the process isn’t done. You have to re-register the deed to the property. If you don’t follow through, there can be obnoxious (and expensive) complications down the line.

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Avoid Running Out of Money in Your Self-Directed IRA

by IRAR Trust Company on (March 27, 2019)

It happens to the best of us— a few miscalculations, and suddenly your self-directed IRA is looking a little cash poor.

Investing in assets that have bills to pay takes a little more navigating than the typical stock or bond. Though real estate, private equity, and other alternative assets can be excellent investments with outlandish returns, they also come with expenses your IRA needs to pay— and that can cause issues if you don’t have the liquidity to cover those expenses.

 But you’re not totally sunk if you find yourself low on funds— there are some things you can do:

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Last Chance for 2018 IRA Contributions

by IRAR Trust Company on (March 20, 2019)

The contribution deadline for 2018 is April 15th. Have you contributed yet? Even if you’ve filed for an extension, that only applies to filing your tax paperwork, not contributions themselves. There are so many reasons to contribute to your IRA— don’t overlook the rewards. Not only are there tax benefits for contributing to most accounts, but you can’t beat saving for your financial future! So act— quickly! — while you still can.

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It's So Easy— Transfer Your Self Directed IRA To A Better Custodian

by IRAR Trust Company on (January 16, 2019)

Paying WAY too much for your self-directed IRA? Tired of “the way things go” at your current custodian? Don’t abandon self-direction— it may just be time for a change.

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Topics: Transfers & Rollovers

Real Estate IRA Investors: This Blog Will Save You Major Bank

by Jason Craig, President on (December 20, 2018)

Searching for a real estate IRA custodian that doesn’t break the bank? It helps to know what you’re looking for.

The things that cost real estate investors the most don’t always matter as much to the average person with a self directed IRA. If all you do is read the “getting started” guides you find on every custodian’s website, you might not even know the right things to ask (until it’s too late).

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2019 Self Directed IRA Contribution Limits: Updates For a New Year

by IRAR Trust Company on (December 15, 2018)

New contribution limits for 2019 are out— and they’ve gone up. Good! This is the first time they’ve gone up in the past 6 years, and experts have been saying we’re long overdue for a while. Time to take advantage of this opportunity for extra savings.

Want the lowdown on these updates? Here’s a summary:

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Topics: Self Directed IRA Rules, Contributions

5 Habits of Highly-Effective Self Directed IRA Investors

by Amanda Horstmann, Operations Specialist on (December 5, 2018)

Investing in self directed IRAs is a great opportunity to truly exert your choice over your retirement fund— but how do you translate that freedom of choice into excellent returns? Though the types of investments held by IRA investors varies, some commonalities between the most successful investors are clear. But what separates the regular investors from the SDIRA superstars? What is it that makes the most successful self directed IRA investors so successful?

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Choosing a Self Directed IRA Custodian for Real Estate Investments

by Yvonne Garcia, CMO on (November 20, 2018)

You hear it all the time— in endless blogs, books, and articles. The most important part of a successful real estate investor is the team behind you. When investing with your self directed IRA, your custodian is an essential part of that team, one that can help or hinder depending on the company.

Is your provider helping or hindering?

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Why Do I Need to Update the Fair Market Value of My Self-Directed IRA?

by IRAR Trust Company on (October 25, 2018)

Don’t you hate it when a simple process gets overcomplicated? Us too.

Updating your self-directed IRA’s fair market value isn’t hard, especially at IRAR. There are times when your assets’ value needs to be updated— and when that happens, we’re here to help. We make the process easy to understand and simple to complete. Just fill out one form, provide us with documentation supporting your asset’s new value, and then your part is done.

Ready to try for yourself? Let’s get started:

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Topics: Fair Market Valuation (FMV)

3 Self Directed IRA Custodian Horror Stories

by IRAR Trust Company on (October 18, 2018)

How much do you trust the people handling your self-directed IRA?

Though usually self-directed investing is mostly up to the individual, in the end the team behind the account can make all the difference. But what happens when your provider doesn’t do what they’re supposed to? Unfortunately, there are some less scrupulous IRA custodians out there— and the results are not always so nice. If your custodian isn’t holding up their half of the bargain by providing the knowledge and service you need, it can be pretty scary— especially knowing just how expensive these kinds of mistakes can be.

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