Self-Directed Real Estate IRA Fees: How Much are you Paying?

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Fees have a big impact on retirement accounts— they slowly add up over time, preventing you from putting your hard-saved money to work for your retirement. To help you make the most of your money, we’ve complied a guide to these fees. After all, if you’re doing some of the work with self-direction, you shouldn’t have to overpay for your IRA.

About Self-Directed IRA Fees

Most providers divide their fees into two categories: annual administration/recordkeeping fees and individual transaction fees.  Every self-directed IRA provider is different and charges differently. Depending on the provider, annual fees and transaction fees can vary— some providers are all-inclusive, with others based on number or type of asset. You can download this tool to help you compare providers and fees, to make sure you can understand what is being offered. 

Annual Administration or Recordkeeping Fees are the fees you pay the provider yearly for their administrative and custody of your account. 

At IRA Resources, the minimum yearly account record keeping fee applies to all asset types. It doesn’t matter if you hold real estate or private placements, whatever your asset may be— the fees are the same. The flat annual fee is $199 for the first asset, with any additional assets $75 per asset. We do not have a separate fee for cash. Some providers do charge an asset fee for cash, or they incorporate the cash into the overall value of the account when billing.

IRA Resources Annual Fee

 Cash Only


 Cash + 1 Asset
 (1 Property)


 Cash + 2 Assets
 (2 Properties)


 Cash + 3 Assets
 (3 Properties)



The annual fee covers filings and reporting to the IRS, custody of account, check deposits, issuance of statements, etc. But most importantly, as a client of IRA Resources, your annual fee gives you access to our client obsessed team. Not only does our team have a passion for the client experience, but our team members are well versed in real estate IRAs and the industry as a whole. On average, our employees have 8.5 years’ experience in the industry— wow! We know Real Estate IRAs!

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Transactions Fees are the fees that are incurred for making a transaction. For example: when purchasing an asset, selling an asset, notary service, research and special services, wire transfers, checks, etc. Here is a complete list of our fees. We like to keep it simple and cost effective for our clients whenever possible, and that includes our fees. 

Real Estate Purchase Fees

At IRA Resources, real estate purchases are $175. This fee includes processing of the earnest money deposit and non-recourse loan if you have one. Other providers may have additional charges for processing these. There are also transaction fees, depending on how the monies are sent to fund the sent to fund the investment, and whether overnight delivery of documents is required. investment, and whether overnight delivery of documents is required.

Fees Associated with a
Real Estate Purchase

(Not all fees apply to every purchase)

(includes Non-Recourse Loan and Earnest Money Deposit)




 Cashier’s Check


 Overnight Delivery


 Wire Transfer


 ACH Transfer

 No Fee

 Notary Fee



If your real estate investment has mortgage payments, HOA fees, utilities and other fees, there is no fee for processing these payments. However, there are fees to deliver these payments via wire or check, as listed above. These fees are often consolidated by using a property manager (who pays the individual bills, with a flat fee deducted from the income of the asset before the funds are sent to IRAR for deposit), or bulk scheduling of payments in advance. We aim to help you save on fees in any way possible, so that your money goes where you intended— to your retirement account.

Compare our fees and see for yourself. Our fees are low and our experts are knowledgeable and delightful. Do the math. Your retirement will thank you. 

If you’d like a more detailed breakdown of our fees, you can find them on our self-directed IRA fees page, along with information about our services. Or you can pick up the phone and give us a call— we’d love to hear from you, 888-322-6534.

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