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Jason Craig, President

Jason Craig, President
A 22-year veteran of the financial services industry, with 10 of them in the self-directed IRA space, Jason Craig directs IRAR Trust Company operations and sales teams. Client accounts and revenue tripled under Jason’s watch while he previously served as president and chief operating officer of The Entrust Group. Earlier in his career, he managed more than $200 million in deposits for the Walnut Creek, California Greater Bay Bank. A member of the Forbes Finance Council, his thought leadership has been highlighted in interviews with the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Rismedia, and Relator.com, among others.

Website: https://www.iraresources.com/

Email: info@iraresources.com

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4 Strategies to Fund Your Real Estate IRA Purchase

by Jason Craig, President on (April 28, 2017)

There are several ways to fund a real estate purchase using a self-directed IRA.  You don't need to have the full purchase amount in your IRA to buy property. Here are some of the most popular strategies for funding the purchase.

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