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Amanda Horstmann, Operations Specialist

Amanda Horstmann, Operations Specialist
Amanda’s five years of experience in the self-directed IRA industry makes her an invaluable asset to IRAR. She loves working with clients, educating them, and hearing their excitement about all the opportunities in our space— and learning right alongside them! There’s always room to learn and grow, especially in our unique niche of the financial industry, and Amanda is ahead of the curve. She works hard to make sure our clients have excellent service from start to finish, ensuring their self-directed experience is the best possible.

Website: https://www.iraresources.com/

Email: info@iraresources.com

Author's Posts

Why It's So Important to Name a Beneficiary for Your Self-Directed IRA

by Amanda Horstmann, Operations Specialist on (June 26, 2019)

Who do you want to inherit your IRA?

Most people know the answer to that question, but often those same people don’t have their beneficiaries set up. It might seem like a small thing, but if you don’t have this properly set-up (or worse, have the wrong person listed) your IRA could end up stuck in probate or going to a different person than you planned.

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Topics: Self Directed IRA Rules, IRA & Taxes, Beneficiary IRAs

5 Habits of Highly-Effective Self Directed IRA Investors

by Amanda Horstmann, Operations Specialist on (December 5, 2018)

Investing in self directed IRAs is a great opportunity to truly exert your choice over your retirement fund— but how do you translate that freedom of choice into excellent returns? Though the types of investments held by IRA investors varies, some commonalities between the most successful investors are clear. But what separates the regular investors from the SDIRA superstars? What is it that makes the most successful self directed IRA investors so successful?

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Topics: Self Directed IRA Rules

Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs): The Who, What, Why, and How 

by Amanda Horstmann, Operations Specialist on (February 20, 2018)

One minor headache you’ll have to manage with almost any retirement account— at some point, you’ve got to start distributing the funds. Sometimes that was your plan all along, but having to do so on the IRS’ timeline? Unfortunately, whether you want to take out the money or not, once you hit 70 ½ you’ll have to start taking required minimum distributions (or RMDs), unless you have a Roth IRA. Confused about the process, or unsure of what to do to get started? Have no fear— IRA Resources will help make RMDs easy to understand, no matter your level of IRA experience. 

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Topics: Distributions (RMD)

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