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Welcome to IRA Resources

Since 1996, IRA Resources has acted as a third party administrator for self-directed retirement plans.

The company specializes in the administration and record keeping services for IRAs investing in Private Placements. This is a unique niche to the investment community.

IRA Resources a third party administrator for self-directed retirement plans investing in Private PlacementsIRA Resources is located in La Jolla, California. Founded by Liane Bruno, the company serves the financial professional working with clients that develop Private Placements as well those who wish to invest in Private Placements as a part of their overall planning strategy.

With an affordable fee structure, IRA Resources makes it easy to do business. They administer IRAs for individuals who wish to take advantage of opportunities they know, understand and are comfortable with.

Since the IRS does not allow an individual to do the record keeping for their own IRA, a third party is needed to ensure an arms-length transaction between you and your IRA.

IRA Resources does not sell products, nor do they give investment advice. IRA Resources performs all the record keeping required by the IRS in an efficient and prompt manner.

IRA Resources, Inc.
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Private Placement Specialists for Self-directed Retirement plans
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