General Sell Direction Letter

Use this form to do a full or partial sale of promissory notes, private stock, etc. not collateralized by real estate

All data is PGP encrypted. Data collection exceeds compliance standards for HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI.


All Sell Direction Letters must be accompanied by supporting documentation such as a Purchase Contract, Agreement, etc.

Contract, agreement or  documentation must be properly titled/vested in the name of the IRA.
Example: IRAR Trust FBO [Client Name, Account#]

Use IRAR Trust Co. information when a seller's Tax ID or physical address is required on the documents.
IRAR Trust Co. Tax ID: 83-1624780
IRA Resources, Inc.
100 Pringle Ave, Suite 650  Walnut Creek, CA 94596

Do not sign the documents where a seller's signature is required. IRAR must sign all documentation for the sale on behalf of the client’s account.

Mark all applicable documents and acknowledge as "read and approved" before submitting to IRAR.
Example: Read and Approved: John Doe

Have sales proceeds payable to:
IRAR Trust FBO [Client Name, Account#]

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Fees & Processing

Asset Sell Fee:  $50

Expedited review request:  $100


If received by:

Wire:      $30
ACH:      $0
Check:   $0

Processing time: 2-3 days

Fee Schedule PDF

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