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Investors are using retirement savings to invest in real estate, private equity, and other non-traditional assets. Your existing clients and leads may have tons of retirement wealth locked up in stocks and mutual funds. Here are some real estate marketing ideas that will help you close more deals.

Email Copy and Images for Your REALTOR® Tool Kit

Tap into the wealth of your existing clients. Present them with the opportunity to invest in real estate with IRA funds using enticing copy in your email marketing and social media posts.

Pair your copy with these attention-grabbing images. Get leads and social media followers asking for more information on real estate investing with retirement funds.

Email Templates
wealth building guides for realtors

REALTOR® Lead Generation Tools

Capture prospect's information while on the phone, at an open house, or mixer. Collecting this information will be instrumental in helping you determine the opportunity.

These forms will also help you rate your leads so that you can easily prioritize and evaluate their need.

How to Flyers For You and Your Clients

Make sure you do the vesting of the property correctly. This is very important to keep your IRA compliant. Check out this simple explanation to help you and your clients close deals faster.

Understanding how to approve investment documents is also very important. Get the simple instructions on how to mark investment documents as approved. Your client does not sign any documents, offers, or contracts. They approve them— see how.

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Real estate IRA investing forms and guides

Prepare Your Clients For a Transaction

These one-page checklists help your clients compare custodians. Also, they will be able to assess the cost and fees associated with real estate investments in their retirement account.

Best REALTOR® Tools: Guides

Download one or all of our guides— free! From the very basics of self-directed IRAs to advanced investor strategies, we cover it all. Share these in your next email marketing campaign to unlock a new opportunity. 

For your next open house, print a cover (not the whole guide) and ask attendees for emails to send a PDF copy— just another way to expand your database.

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