IRA Transaction Forms

Buy, sell, and manage self-directed IRA assets.

Browse forms by transaction type in the menu below. Follow the instructions on the form for guidance.

We are moving to a greener approach and hope to eliminate the use of paper forms soon. 

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Buy Asset

Use to invest in private placements, joint ventures, private companies, shares or private stock, REIT, private equity.

Use to invest in an LLC with checkbook control.

Real Estate Purchase Offer Review
Use to expedite the review of your real estate purchase offer/contract.
Real Estate BDL
Use to invest in a property/real estate.
Real Estate Note BDL

Use to invest in notes secured by real estate.

Real Estate Auction BDL

Use to invest in real estate at auction.

Use to invest in promissory notes not collateralized by real estate.

Sell Asset

Real Estate Sell Direction Letter (SDL)

Use to do a full or partial sale of a property.

General SDL

Use to do a full or partial sale of an asset not collateralized by real estate.

Use for promissory notes, private stock, etc.

Real Estate Note SDL

Use to do a full or partial sale of a real estate note.

Asset Exchange Letter

Use to do a full or partial exchange of an asset in your account.

Deposit & Withdraw

Use to:

  • Make a cash contribution to your self-directed IRA.

  • Deposit income from an asset.

Distribution Form

Use to:

  • Take a distribution or a required minimum distribution.

  • Take funds or assets personally.

  • Remove excess contributions.

  • Roll over assets or cash to a 401(k) or employer-sponsored plan.

Use to:

  • Transfer funds and/or assets from an IRA at another custodian directly to your IRAR account.

  • Transfer funds and/or assets from an IRAR account to another IRAR account.

Use to:

  • Roll over funds/assets directly from a 401(k) or employer-sponsored plan to your IRAR account.

  • Complete a rollover of cash/assets (within 60 days) that you took possession of to your IRAR account.

  • Roll over funds/assets (within 60 days) from a forced distribution to your IRAR account.

Other Forms

Use to authorize a payment of an invoice for an asset.

Beneficiary Designation

Use to add or change the beneficiaries for your account.

Change of Address Form

Use to change your personal account information; email, address, etc.

Use to pay IRAR fees.

Electronic Communication & Signature Authorization Form

Use to transmit instructions and forms to IRAR using your digital or electronic signature.

Use to:

  • Assign or change the value of any asset.

  • Take an in-kind distribution (used along with a Distribution Form).

  • Convert a Traditional IRA asset to a Roth IRA asset (used along with a Roth Conversion Request).

Interested Party Designation (IPD)

Use to authorize a third party to access your account information.

Example: Spouse, investment advisor, etc.

Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA)

Use to authorize a third party to act on your behalf in connection with your IRAR account.

Example: Financial advisor, attorney, etc.

Roth Conversion Request

Use to convert assets/cash from your traditional IRA to a Roth IRA.

Use this feature to securely upload documents that may contain private and identifiable information.