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How-it-works-real-estate-investing-with-ira Process
Real Estate IRA Investing: How It Works

Discover the simple process of investing in Real Estate with retirement funds.

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sdira-rules-realestate Rules
The Rules: Investing in Real Estate With an IRA

Learn how to maintain tax advantages for your self-directed account.

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strategies-for-all-size-iras Strategy
Investing Strategies for All-Size IRAs

Explore strategies for investing in properties of various types and sizes.

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Partnering involves combining your IRA funds with funds from various sources, such as another IRA, someone else, or your personal funds to make the investment purchase. By partnering your IRA, you can potentially afford to purchase a property outright or make a more substantial investment.

Direct Purchase

A direct purchase refers to the process of acquiring a property solely using funds from your self-directed account, utilizing your savings to make a full cash payment for the investment. This method offers a straightforward and expedited approach to financing your purchase.

Non-Recourse Loan

A non-recourse loan is when the account owner is not  personally liable. The loan is to the IRA and in the IRA's name, not the individual's. If there's a default or foreclosure, the lender can only seek repayment from the IRA property. The non-recourse lender can't go after personal assets owned by the account holder. 

Checkbook Control

Creating an IRA LLC is one strategy IRA investors have used to purchase real estate, to gain what is known as “checkbook control” over their IRA, allowing greater control. To do this you will establish an LLC and you’ll fund the LLC checking account from your Self-Directed IRA.

Getting Started

How It Works

Step 1- Opening an Account

The process is as simple as completing a form online. You will need an ID and a credit card for payment. 

Step 2- Determine Your Investment Strategy

Explore the different investment strategies available to maximize your savings. 

Step 3- Fund Your Account

This is the process of adding retirement funds to your self-directed account. You can do this by transferring funds from another IRA, by moving an old 401(k) from a previous employer, or by making a contribution. 

Step 4- Make the Investment

The purchasing process is very similar to a normal purchase, with the only difference being that the asset is owned by the IRA. As a result, both the offer and purchase contract are made in the IRA's name. 

Example:  IRAR Trust FBO John Doe Account Number 123456

IRAR works with title to fund your IRA's investment purchase.


Step 5- Manage the Investment
Once the deal is closed, you will set up all services and insurance under the IRA's name. Your tenants will directly send their rental payments to your IRA, and any repair costs for the property will be covered by funds from the IRA.
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