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Self-Directed IRA LLC with Checkbook Control: FAQs

The IRA LLC (aka Checkbook IRA) is a legal entity that can purchase assets outright, so you get the freedom to self-direct your retirement funds the way you choose. It's a popular strategy among real estate investors in particular, who often need quick access to IRA cash for maintenance and repairs of investment properties.

Download our Self-Directed IRA LLC & Checkbook Control: Frequently Asked Questions to learn how to quickly and correctly set up your IRA LLC, so you can avoid prohibited transactions and start investing right away.

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Here is why IRA investors choose IRA Resources...

"Self-Directed IRA accounts work best for my wife and I because we are directly involved in making all investment decisions for the assets in our IRAs. We have used three different companies as custodian and administrator of our IRAs. Our current one, IRA Resources, has had our accounts for three years and we are pleased with their service. We were attracted to IRA Resources because their fees were lower, and since we self-direct, that was and still is extremely important. What we also enjoy about IRA Resources is how easy they are to deal with. Whenever we have a question or need something, Nicole and Liane are just a phone call or email away and happy to help. It’s nice to not have to wade through a computerized phone system or be put on hold by clericals that don’t know what you’re talking about; experiences we were glad to leave behind with our previous IRA custodians."