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3 Kinds of Self Directed IRA Promissory Notes

by Cecilia Guerra, Operations Associate on (February 4, 2020)

Why not take a typical private loan agreement and make it all your own? When investing in promissory notes with your self-directed IRA, you can do it (almost) any way you please.

A promissory note is a legal agreement for one party to lend money to another, with terms and stipulations specifically outlined. In other words, it’s a contract for a promise to pay. You can use them in a ton of different ways, like offering private loans for qualified individuals, business loans to companies looking for financing, or even by acting as the “bank” in a real estate deal.  The many uses for promissory notes are why they’re so popular, even outside of self-directed IRAs.

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Topics: Self Directed IRA Rules, Promissory Notes

Promissory Notes With Your Self Directed IRA: Investor Guide

by Cecilia Guerra, Operations Associate on (August 1, 2018)

One option investors often choose in self-directed IRAs is investing in promissory notes. A promissory note is a signed agreement promising to pay a person or business a certain amount, with interest and a maturity date. There are so many strategies used by investors, from buying and selling notes to acting as the lender on real estate deals (often known as mortgage notes).   

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Topics: Self Directed IRA Rules, Promissory Notes

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