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Liane Bathey, CISP

Liane Bathey IRAR Trust

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Founder and CEO

Liane Bathey founded IRA Resources in 1996 with a simple strategy: serving clients with a personal touch. For more than 20 years she has executed that strategy by making it a priority to talk with clients every workday. That’s at least 6,000 conversations, taking into account holidays and the occasional vacation.

She is committed to making sure that IRA Resources delivers competitive fees, reliable recordkeeping, and supportive education materials. Liane believes in the power of diversification as an investment strategy, and is an active real estate investor using her own self-directed IRA.

Liane, her husband and two children live in San Diego, California, where IRA Resources is headquartered.

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Leadership Team

Liane Bathey, CISP
Founder and CEO

Jason Craig, CISP

Yvonne Garcia, CISP
Chief Marketing Officer

Nicolas Acosta
Senior Operations Manager